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A contemporary Cube as a form of Art and furniture

Design Inspired by Nature

The value of nature. Sometimes overlooked and forgotten, nature gives us so much and asks only for a little respect in return. When we use natural materials the best way we can offer our thanks is with a design that praises nature. This circle of balance is a priority to us. It guides us in the creation of contemporary furniture as a form of Art.

Inspiring furniture can only come from powerful and inspiring origins. Creation based on a deep respect for nature. The natural world sets its own rules and this is what makes it so unique. When we work with a natural material we always ask the question, “What does this material want to be?”

The Cenote Stool

The word ‘Cenote’ comes from the Mayan language. It refers to a natural, deep pool of water. Often believed to be an entrance to the spirit world, as well as a home for the Gods.

Our task was to explore how to expose the unseen core of an object, and so reveal its inner beauty. Could we take an ordinary cube form and make it more engaging? With its shifting colours and absence of light, the surfaces each with their distinct textures and light reflecting properties, enhance and direct focus to the heart of the form.

Light and shadow reflecting on different surfaces and textures of the Cenote Stool makes it a piece of Furniture and a form of Art

The Cenote stool without doubt is an expression of both colour and intimate spatial qualities, paying respect to these spiritual places.

The depth inside the cube is exposed as an artistic representation.

This artistic representation gives us an experience of these inspiring natural spaces. A journey into the deep with reflections of light and colour. A spatial, visual and sensorial journey.

The Wooden Cenote is a stool is an expression of contemporary Art through Furniture, made from layers of Birch Plywood put together.

These experimental pieces of contemporary furniture, are expressions of modern technology and Art.

The Sombra Bench

Light or the absence thereof, is what we use to perceive the world around us. The contrast between light and dark can give an otherwise simple form both depth and presence.

In this piece of Furniture Art is magnified by exposing different dimensions.

Nature often surprises us with unexpected variation. The objects we design should offer us different ways to interact with them.

Surfaces and textures should vary, especially where a persons hands come to rest. The profile of the Sombra bench changes, in contrast to traditional benches it varies in height. The different height levels provide many ways to use the surface of the bench, such as resting areas or storage surfaces.

Different levels subtly created to incorporate functional areas and shadows in the Sombra Bench is what makes it standout from contemporary traditional plywood benches.

High Quality Birch Plywood

Matt finish

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