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About us

Design team established family company in 2015

ArqiAtelier is a multidisciplinary design team based in Hampshire, UK. We established ourselves in 2015 in the outskirts of London after we completed our studies in Architecture at The University of East London in 2013.

Our work continually explores the realms of Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture making. Every concept we design and create draws elements from our culture, our travels, nature and also spirituality. The results therefore are truly inspiring spaces and objects that combine timeless British style with the colour and vibrance of South America.

ArqiAtelier was established to experiment on and develop ideas, and thereafter redevelop what we take for granted in our everyday life. For example, we frequently like to rethink why we use spaces, objects and materials the way that we do. Understanding these basic human behaviours offers us, and consequently our clients an alternate way to experience the world.

A Spiritual Approach to Design.

What sets us apart from other design companies based in Hampshire, and areas surrounding London is our working process. All of our pieces are made by the very same hand that designed them on paper. Being hand made every piece varies slightly making it unique in some way. There is a high degree of dedication and also spirituality involved in this full circle process and we believe it is what makes our products and designs truly unique.

Our Design Studio is now based in Hampshire.

Our aim is to design beautiful, contextual spaces and products while also experimenting and combining new methods. We choose to only work with durable materials, for instance solid woods and metals. Some examples that we enjoy working with are Steel, Corten steel, Aluminium and also solid woods such as Oak and Teak. We are also well versed in using layered materials such a plywood and rope.

Architecture and Interior design are a large part of our focus, but we also dedicate largely to Furniture design. We create both bespoke pieces and also incredible products for businesses and people on a commercial scale. Our aim is to create hand crafted, high quality interior pieces that are made with engineering type precision.

Lucia working in the design studio based in Hampshire

Lucia Martinez

Is a person who enjoys working with materials in an inquisitive, playful and also considerate way. Her curiosity of life and passion for people drives her to always have reason and profound concepts behind her designs.

Nationality: Venezuelan

Lucia enjoys exotic locations, making lists, good coffee, yoga, working with plaster, macrame, family time.

“Feet, What do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” – Frida Kahlo

Christopher working in the Atelier

Christopher Kalavashoti

Enjoys creating on the go and following his instincts. He is always keen on learning new techniques and also developing his own by experimenting and having a huge debate along the way.

Nationality: British

Enjoys welding, engineering, motorsport, nature, rock music and steaks.

“Even a Brick wants to be something.” – Louis Kahn

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