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Birch Plywood Stool top and Corner surfaces a form of art

Cenote Stool

The word ‘Cenote’ comes from the Mayan language. It refers to a natural, deep pool of water. Often believed to be an entrance to the spirit world, as well as a home for the Gods. Our task was to explore how to expose the unseen core of an object, and so reveal its inner beauty. Could we take an ordinary wooden cube form and create a form of art? With its shifting colours and absence of light, the surfaces each with their distinct textures and light reflecting properties, enhance and direct focus to the heart of the form.

The Cenote stool without doubt is a wooden art expression, of both colour and intimate spatial qualities that pay respect to these spiritual places. This artistic representation gives us an experience of these inspiring natural spaces and also a journey into the deep, with reflections of light and colour to guide us. A spatial, visual and above all sensorial journey.


Birch Plywood

W 385 x H 400 x D 385


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