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The Process of Creation

Design exploration is an important part of product development. Through various studies and design exercises we have created the many products we have to offer. We focus on what interests us as individuals and experiment with ways to bring those inspirations into our work. We task ourselves with combining modern technology along with traditional hand craftsmanship. This gives our work an interesting and unique appearance and moreover furniture that lasts. We design timeless high quality furniture in an artisan way, everything made by ourselves, right here in the UK near Winchester, Hampshire.

Aluminium dining table being put together,a piece of high quality furniture designed and made in our Atelier near Winchester

What sets us apart

All of our designers like to be the ones making what they have designed, this is something that defines us as a company. What this means is that our design process does not end on paper. Until we have a fully finished piece of furniture, the design process carries on. We use our hands to feel and make changes, all the way up to the last moment. Because of this hands-on way of doing things, every piece that we create is unique. Our process helps the designer to be more aware of what their ideas mean in the real world. This improves build quality, and more over how practical a design is in reality.

Quality furniture near Winchester, Aluminium dining table.

Each design we develop has an overall theme or form that should be clear and easy to understand. We always consider carefully all components to make sure they follow this theme. We give the same treatment to parts that are not easily visible, as we do to the more visible parts of the furniture. From an early stage in the design process, the designer should consider with care all of the forms and profiles.

To find any potential flaws in a new design, we always test all of our products by making test piece. This is a crucial step because it helps us to further improve the overall user experience and build quality of our products.

We build high quality products by creating test pieces we have designed.

Modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. A great combination for durable and high quality furniture, and it’s all made right here near Winchester, Hampshire UK.

Craftsmanship methods in our quality furniture near Winchester UK.

To make our furniture we do a great deal of work using traditional methods, but we also use very modern processes. CNC machines are a great tool to use when possible, most of all for fast and accurate cutting of parts.

We enjoy working with solid materials. A good example is wood with heavy grain or thick metals. We enjoy making a feature of the material we choose, it gives our work a distinct look and feel.

Craftsmanship methods in our quality furniture near Winchester UK.

Attention to detail is very important for us. When possible we make most of the parts we require by hand, and we try not to use off the shelf parts.

When possible we create the parts required ourself and try not to go for the off shelf parts.

When you combine this way of working by hand with more modern processes, it gives our work originality. Every piece is a little different and these small variations give the overall object plenty of character.

Example of combination of technology and craftsmanship which gives our work originality and character.

Our creative process utilises skills from various disciplines, this is what gives our work its unique style.

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